Caring for your Pashmina

Caring for your PashminaWashing
It is always safest to take your Pashmina to a specialist dry-cleaners. The following is not intended as advice and we take no responsibility for any action taken in reliance on it.

Having said that, some sources say that it is possible to clean a Pashmina by hand using cool or luke-warm water and either natural soap, shampoo or fabric conditioner.

If you do try to hand-wash your Pashmina, the general guidance from other sources is to lay the Pashmina in a clean bathtub and then soak the Pashmina with cool or luke-warm water using a hand-held shower. Gently caress the Pashmina with a neutral detergent and then leave to soak for about 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with cool or luke-warm water using a hand-held shower. The Pashmina can then be blotted dry by laying it on a clean dry towel and then draping it over a shower curtain until it is thoroughly dry.


Generally, Pashminas will not need ironing as the wrinkles will fall out when the Pashmina is hung up. If an iron is used, other sources suggest a cool dry iron is the safest option.

Again, this is based on information from other sources and we are unable to verify these cleaning methods. If you have any of your own suggestions or comments, please let us know.